Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Tinted Lotion

Banana Boat Sunless Tinted Lotion – Best Drugstore Self Tanner

Banana Boat Sunless Tinted Lotion Review – Best Drugstore Self Tanner

Best Drugstore Self TannerThe Banana Boat Summer Color Sunless Tinted Lotion is one the best tanning lotions on the market for its price range. While there are an endless amount of self tanning lotions available at drugstores and the likes, most of them are poor quality.  The Banana Boat Tinted Lotion gets the job done and we consider it to be the best drugstore self tanner.

This self tanning lotion is the best drugstore self tanner for many reasons, one of which is it is easy to apply and will provide you with a nice solid bronze color. The tinted lotion boasts 6.7 ounces of self tanning lotion that is streak free when applied correctly which is nice for a drug store self tanner. Additionally, there are typically no spotty areas after you apply it. Thankfully it does not leave odd streaks or stains on your hands and knees. The product only lasts a few days or less if you shower regularly or are in and out of the water.

This drugstore self tanner has a coconut fragrance that is ok, not great.  It does have a bit of a chemically smell common among many sunless tanning products. The lotion is not incredibly greasy like others in its price range, but it certainly does not have the look and feel of a top tier product.

The tanning lotion can also take up to a day for it to appear.  So make sure to be patient and not apply too much or you will end up with an orange tint. If you have plans that night or are looking for instant result this is not the best option.  Go with a bronzer or a better quality self tanner.

Overall this is a great product for the price range which is why we call it the best drugstore self tanner.  It provides a decent color that is streak free which will last a few days.  Really that is what most are looking for anyways.  So if you are new to self tanning or are just looking for an easy affordable option we recommend this self tanner over the other products in its category.

For those who are perfectionists , keep in mind the most cautious of individuals still may experience some minor streaking or blotchiness because not even the best drugstore self tanner is perfect.  If you want that perfect look you will need to step it up and try a premium self tanner which can be found on our Best Self Tanner List Here.

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